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Casco Bay Island Development Association

Announcement of Grant Program and Request for Applications


CBIDA is a bay-wide organization that fosters a sense of “Bay Community” and supports Casco Bay island communities, both seasonal and year round. In 2017 we are again conducting a grant program under which we may award small grants to island non-profits for island focused projects.

We are especially interested in receiving grant proposals in the following subject areas:

  1. Environmental: projects or activities that seek to improve the environment of Casco Bay islands or the Bay itself;
  2. Historical: projects or activities that seek to improve the understanding of island or Bay history;
  3. Education: projects or activities that seek to enhance education in island schools or communities;
  4. Public Safety: projects or activities that seek to improve the public safety of island communities throughout the Bay; and
  5. Quality of Life: projects or activities that seek to enhance the quality of life in island communities.

Types of projects we do not fund:

  • projects that directly benefit an individual
  • projects that benefit a business
  • projects that support the core functions of a municipality


Qualified applicants are non-profit organizations. Individuals and other entities must partner with a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Evaluation considerations include but are not limited to:

  • breadth of impact: number of people affected by the activity
  • inter-island collaborations or partnerships
  • project that will be ongoing after CBIDA funding is expended
  • how project success will be evaluated
  • marketing strategy to promote partnership with funder
  • provision for ongoing funding after expenditure of CBIDA grant funds
  • projects that include community match, either financial or in kind


Interested organizations are invited to submit applications by e-mail in the application form attached, limited to five pages total by March 15, 2017. Applicants will be notified of action on their proposals in early April 2017. Successful applicants will be expected to prepare and present a brief report on their project at our fall annual meeting. If you have questions about the process, contact a Grant Committee member listed on the application.